Perhaps the seeds of redemption lay not just in perseverance, hard work, and rugged individualism. Perhaps they lay in something more fundamental — the simple notion of everyone pitching in and pulling together.
Daniel James Brown

Welcome to Arizona Public Square. Arizonans are an amazing mix of people. We are students, grandparents, retirees, entrepreneurs; we are a microcosm of the United States. We are fiercely independent and wonderfully generous. We are a melting pot of nationalities & cultures; and, we all want at least one thing the same: We want Arizona to be a great state to live and prosper for us, for our kids and our grand-kids.

AZ Public Square will focus on several issues in 2017 including Education and Voting Rights. Our goal is to help you connect the dots. . . . Decisions made by our elected officials & the effect on our families. We hope you enjoy the website.

AZ PUBLIC SQUARE's Mission is to:

  • Build a community of informed and motivated voters who understand the critical connection between how we vote and how we live.
  • Educate Arizona citizens about the voting process
  • Greatly increase the number of people who vote in every election based on facts and personal, thoughtful consideration of candidates and issues.
  • Create collaborative spaces for people to interact, organize and take actions that ensure an effective government that works successfully for the greater good of our community as envisioned by our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

Our Vision Statement

  • ARIZONANS recognize where and understand how their government directly and profoundly affects their everyday lives and those of their families and friends.
  • ARIZONANS are motivated voters because they understand that the direct path to improving the quality of our lives, improving our democracy and our government is through voting.
  • ARIZONANS encourage all voters to elect representatives whose ideas and actions reflect the American values of Fairness, Honesty, Integrity and Equality.

Our Values

The values of AZ Public Square first and foremost include a sincere passion to make our world a better place with solutions that benefit us all, to have a healthy & educated community. Our values are embodied in the Declaration of Independence & the Constitution of the United States.

Our Team