Original article by National Organization for Women

Our country is entering a time when sexual predators are being exposed, and a time where women hope justice will be served in all cases of violence, sexual assault and abuse. However, some communities face more difficult battles, including American Indian women.

The article American Indian Women and Violence posted by the National Organization for Women describes the challenges these women face. Here are just some of the horrific statistics:

  • “According to the Native Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, 84.3% of American Indian women have experienced violence in their lifetimes.”
  • American Indian women are more susceptible to abuse, and also to be neglected while seeking services after abuse.
  • “A 2016 study found that 38% of American Indian women were unable to receive services when they sought out help or guidance.”
  • “One in three American Indian Women are sexually assaulted in her lifetime.”

Why is it more difficult to receive justice for violence against women on the reservation?

  • 90% of American Indian and Native Women have experienced violence at the hands of non-tribe members.
  • Although the Violence Against Women Act has helped with justice for domestic abuse, tribes have no jurisdiction over non-Indian perpetrators for sexual assault, rape or child abuse.
  • Tribes must negotiate with the Federal Government in order to receive vital resources, which are already scarce, which means resources for women who have experienced violence are rare.
  • “American Indian women are an integral part of the United States’ past, present, and future. Unfortunately, American Indian women have the highest frequency of sexual assault and violence.
  • Learn more about Indigenous Women and violence.”

Photo by Fred Dunn