It appears there are jobs to be had but the state jobless rate keeps going up.  Then there is a study from an economist who specializes in “the future of work” in US Cities whose report states that Tucson is one of the cities with the fastest job growth.  More unemployed? More job growth? Can this happen simultaneously? The average Unemployment rate in Arizona for July 2016 was 6% and June 2016 was 5.8% while the US was 4.9% for both months. Where do the statistics come from? The Bureau of Labor Statistics explains how they collect data from over 100,000 people monthly. WalletHub includes a wide range of factors to determine which cities have the best job market including housing affordability and Industry Variety. Interestingly, education is a piece not focused on in these articles. There is a wonderfully detailed analysis by the Economic Policy Institute correlating a State’s prosperity to a well-educated workforce.

What is our AZ state government doing to boost the economic well-being of its citizens? How is our state supporting our public education system?  These will be questions we will cover in more detail every month.



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