Did you know that in Arizona, if our governor left office, the Secretary of State is first in line to become Governor? Jan Brewer, Jane Hull & Rose Mofford all were Secretaries of State turned Governor. Today, that means that Michele Reagan, our current Secretary of State, could become governor.

This year, the AZ Attorney General (who is second in line to become governor) said that the Secretary of State broke the law by not sending out 200,000 voting pamphlets on time for the May 17th special election.

The Secretary of State is our chief election officer and we have been having one problem after another with our elections.

During the primary, County Recorder Helen Purcell reduced the number of polling places in Maricopa County by 70 percent creating lines of voters waiting hours to vote.  Also in the primary, AZ registered voters found out on election-day at their polling place that their registration was changed and they would only be allowed to provide a provisional ballot.

Our country should be a shining example of honoring the right, being mindful of the duty & providing the mechanisms supporting the freedom to vote.

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