Trump’s First Pardon

Trump’s First Pardon Original article by Gabe Acosta President Trump is setting up for a rally in Phoenix next week. This rally, like many before it, has the opportunity to bring up a huge Arizona controversy. Based on some public statements he has


State of the Senate

State of the Senate Original article by Gabe Acosta As we move closer to 2018, the midterm elections have been heating up. As one of the few states with an “swing” US Senate seat election, special attention has been given to the  Arizona election. Wh


State Sponsored Discrimination

By Linda Lyon – MAY 28, 2017 What the best and wisest parent wants for his child, that must we want for all the children of the community. Anything less is unlovely, and left unchecked, destroys our democracy.” a quote by John Dewey over a century


If It’s Broke: Let’s Fix It Together!

It’s no news to anyone that the Arizona education system is a mess. Believe it or not, we can fix what ails our schools in a straightforward and uncomplicated way. Here’s how: REALLY IMPORTANT INSIDE INFORMATION: This country’s Founders, who wrote a


Cursive Writing in Schools

Students must write in cursive by end of 5th grade  SB 1197 I don’t know about you but, I am curious how much time was spent in our Legislature to promote SB 1197? So, I looked at the AZLEG.GOV website. Of course, prior to it being read, there had to b