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We support our public schools!

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Petitions are now available from SOS.This is in response to the AZ Legislature passing and Governor Ducey signing SB 1431, ramping up the process of bankrupting our public schools and shifting our public education dollars to private, charter and parochial schools. Ducey signed this shameful, flawed legislation almost instantaneously.

But there is some exciting good news! We have the possibility of overturning this horrible law at the ballot box in November 2018 by allowing the citizens of AZ who overwhelmingly oppose this law, to vote NO on it! We need to collect all signatures by August 1.

Gathering Signatures

We have to follow the instructions to a T!

Here are 3 documents.

As a petition ‘Circulator’ your VERY FIRST step is to read the words at the top of the petition page. You will be explaining to potential signers that they must meet qualifications listed on the petition to sign (ie: are they registered to vote in your county) and that the signer understands the petition and has the opportunity to read or have read to them the petition in its entirety before signing.
We are finding out that many people are not aware of this petition effort to overturn this new law …and aren’t familiar with the law itself. So, our neighbors will appreciate being informed. See links below azpublicsquare.org for a list of articles about vouchers & Scholarship Empowerment Accounts.


  1. You cannot sign your own petition!
  2. You cannot separate the petition from the stapled paperwork…it will be disqualified!
  3. Use a black ink…blue will not void the signature but, please always carry black pens.
  4. Explain to signer; They HAVE to write LEGIBLY. Secretary of State must be able to verify signature.
  5. Note that the address line is physical address only (not the zip or city). The next box is zip and the next is city. (this is why we have to hover over the signer when they sign!)
  6. You must be present to witness when each person is signing the petition. You cannot drop off with anyone. The affidavit you will sign and get notarized on the back states that you witnessed each signature.
  7. We are asking for this first set of petitions to be completed and back within 2 weeks! by July 1.
  8. You have to get the back of the petition notarized.

Please contact SaveOutSchoolsArizona.org to get your petitions

Find more volunteers to help you. . . Bring your petitions with you everywhere you go. Create a button or badge to advertise that you are an SOS Supporter. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. If you believe as we do, that public education is an investment in our future, please make a commitment to gather signatures as quickly as possible. We only have until August 1. Thank you very much.