AZ Voter Fraud that never was. . .

House Bill 2023 was signed into law by Governor Ducey. This law puts a ban on ballot collection. Unless you are a voter’s family member or household member or a caregiver, the only person allowed to collect ballots is your postal worker. Anyone else could be subject to a class 6 felony punishable up to 1 year in prison!

The Justice Dept under George Bush completed a 5 year investigation and found that the rate of voter fraud was .00000013% This equates to 26 people out of 197,000,000.

Let’s turn this story on its head, ok? Look at it this way: Some of our elected officials conjured up this fake problem to enable them to depress the voter turnout. The lawyer defending HB 2023; “lack of evidence is legally irrelevant.” Expressly clarifying that they have NO evidence of voter fraud!

When states enact these laws, they force the people to ultimately sue the states to overturn them. Is this the best use of our time and money?


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