Every Child Deserves the Chance to Reach His or Her Full Potential

The proven key to success is quality early childhood education (preschool). Yet, in Pima County fewer than 1 in 5 children are able to attend preschool that has been rated as high quality (and less than 1 in 3 go to any preschool at all). That’s approximately 20,000 preschoolers who are at risk for not being ready for kindergarten. And, as is so painfully well known, the chances of graduating high school and succeeding in life decline dramatically for children who enter kindergarten unprepared.

Our legislators have drastically cut funding for early childhood education and child care over the last decade.. If these children are not effectively supported, they risk experiencing life-long poor outcomes.


Turning the Tide in Pima County

In 2015, a broad coalition of Pima County organizations came together to form the Cradle to Career (C2C) partnership, a project aimed at creating better outcomes for children. Child & Family Resources is proud member of C2C, and there is shared vision that meaningful change will require collective action, and shared responsibility; no one agency or entity is capable of achieving real change alone.

The goals of C2C are as follows:

  • Every child is prepared for school.
  • Every child succeeds in school.
  • Every youth graduates from high school ready for college and career.
  • Every youth who is not in school or work reconnects to education and career pathways.
  • Every youth can attain a post-secondary credential leading to a career that can sustain a family.
  • Every youth is prepared for a career

The biggest return on investment comes from strategies targeting the first 2,000 days of life, so while the goals above span all of childhood and adolescence, the primary focus should be on the early years. As C2C matures, and strategic decisions are made as to where to put finite resources, we will have to figure out a way to ensure that more young children, particularly those from low income families, are able to attend high quality preschool.

Learn more at www.c2cpima.org


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