Students must write in cursive by end of 5th grade  SB 1197

I don’t know about you but, I am curious how much time was spent in our Legislature to promote SB 1197? So, I looked at the AZLEG.GOV website. Of course, prior to it being read, there had to be much consideration on how to introduce this “Education” bill. So, maybe we add a month to the 3 months it was being discussed. It is understood that this was not the only bill the legislature was working on but, please help me here…our State refuses to pay the schools any money, we are losing teachers right and left to other states, but…yes, we must require the teachers to take the time they don’t have to teach cursive. Maybe if the Legislature decided to fund our schools, we could take the time for cursive.

Surprisingly, when you read the “Cursive bill”, there is only 1 paragraph on cursive and the rest about reading standards that actually look interesting.  But, the Governor vetoed it.


SB 1197 – Schools; Cursive Writing Requirement


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