Original article by Howard Fischer, a journalist for Capitol Media Services

Terry Goddard, a former state attorney general, is drafting an initiative which would “constitutionally ban anonymous donations from political campaigns”. Goddard is working to collect the necessary signatures by July 5th to add this initiative to the 2018 ballot.

What does this mean?

  • Individuals that have previously been allowed to donate $10,000 or more anonymously through back door channels, such as “social welfare groups” will have to disclose their donations.
  • This initiative would only effect local elections, not federal elections.

Why is it important?

  • Money is instrumental to winning an election; it is what pays for the commercials, mailers and other forms of campaign materials.
  • Citizens have the right to know who is funding these campaigns. Individuals may not want to support a candidate who is backed by certain corporations.
  • It allows us to see if elected, if the candidate is swayed to vote in favor of who donated to their campaign, instead of the median voter.
  • We cannot allow big donors to influence our elected officials behind the mask of anonymous donations; we need to know who is pulling the strings.
  • We have the power to add this to the ballot and change campaign finance for the better, we just have to vote.

Howard Fischer, a journalist for Capitol Media Services provides an informative overview of Terry Goddard, the initiative and the importance of eliminating dark money donations in Arizona campaigns.