The argument goes, “It’s an enclosed 7-acre greenhouse, and Monsanto is here. It’s a done deal.”

However, the majority of area residents share a united front at recent District meetings and have a clear mandate: NOT SO FAST.

It’s not just 7 acres. Monsanto is mum when it comes to its plans for the other 148 acres on the 155 acre property recently purchased. And for now, it is only 25 part-time jobs and 25 full-time jobs.

SEED: The Untold Story

Learn more about how GMO crops are reshaping seeds and pesticide on a global scale, and ACT locally.
Grassroots. Resistance. Locally-grown.

Many have loudly protested against Monsanto’s Greenhouse Project (also known as the “ProfitHouse” Project by some and “Project Corn” by others).  One young 10-year-old asked the Monsanto Product Strategy Leader, Amanda McClerran, about the dosage of pesticide in the corn that kills a bug: “What happens if people eat a whole lot of your corn?”

Protections under commercial confidentiality agreements prevent proper access and oversight by agencies in the U.S. (Environmental Protection Agency) and globally (European Food Safety Authority). Studies carried out so far cannot offer conclusive data regarding safety nor can conclusions be drawn on the possible long-term effects on humans.

Ask yourself:

Our new neighbor, Monsanto, is now applying for FTZ status. Next step in the process is a letter from the Pima Co. Board of Supervisors to give their rubber stamp on a Letter of No Opposition. This letter of support reduces property tax rates from 15% down to 5%! As a result, dropping the tax amount paid to $ 221,251. That’s a difference of $373,992 in tax giveaways to Monsanto & lost revenue to our county.

Will Monsanto be a good neighbor?

The Washington Post reported the $66 million Monsanto-Bayer merger deal will reshape the development of seeds and pesticides. In the week prior to Inauguration Day, the CEOs of the German chemical conglomerate and the biotech genetically modified seed company, met with now President Trump while some members of Trump’s agricultural advisory team voiced opposition to the merger. The St Louis Post-Dispatch stated that Bayer, the inventor of aspirin, is among the top 20 pharmaceutical group in the world.

If you want to weigh in, please call before the February 21st vote. Please ask that the vote be delayed once again.

The Time is NOW to Contact Your District Supervisor.


SUNDAY, FEB 5 12:45PM : Seed Swap
Prior to the 2PM screening of SEED The Untold Story at The Loft Cinema

TUESDAY, FEB 7 9AM Pima County Board of Supervisors Meeting
130 W Congress, First Floor Hearing Room.
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TUESDAY, FEB 21 9AM Pima County Board of Supervisors Meeting
130 W Congress, First Floor Hearing Room.
The Board will likely make a decision to vote February 21st on the Letter of No Opposition for the Monsanto application for FTZ status OR again delay the vote.

Bring a Friend. Bring a Sign. Speak for the flora, fauna and schoolchildren who cannot vote.