Is This OK With You? . . .

My eyes started to cross while reading the newly minted, 53 page bill SB 1516. Signed into law 3-30-16 the signature piece of this new law is that it allows people to spend unlimited money to help raise funds for candidates, donors can remain undisclosed, candidates can give some of their war chest͛ to other candidates. A bill this important should take a long time to consider and review yet, if I am reading the info correctly, this took 2 months!

Did we elect this legislature to work on new laws that directly benefit themselves?..or should they be working on laws that bring jobs to our communities, education for our children, protect our citizens and all other issues facing our state.

With the median family income of $59,700 who is this new law for?..certainly not the majority of Arizonans. The final vote was 31 to 27 with 2 not voting. This type of law wouldn’t have passed with a very slight change in our representation. We can make a difference this November by voting in lawmakers that truly are looking out for the people͛s interest and not their own.

Bill overhauling campaign finance laws heads to Arizona governorBy Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

AZ State Legislature list of who voted yes or no on SB 1516

Influence elections with $ MILLIONS ?..Well, that is OK with majority in AZ House n’ Senate! Did AZ voters ask for this? NO!
Here are the new laws that they crafted:
HB 2296 & SB 1516. The result is that AZ will allow ANY group with an IRS “social welfare” classification to spend money to influence elections without having to register in AZ, nor do they have to disclose their donors AND they can spend ALL their money for or against any ballot measure. So, in a state that has a per-family median income of $50,000 and a per capita income (income per
person) of $26,000; you tell me, just who does this law benefit?
Our own Secretary of State, Michele Reagan’s staff helped write SB 1516. Who voted for/against?


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