HB2260: College students would not be allowed to register to vote using their dormitory address. This bill died. Thankfully.


Explanation: Bob Thorpe (R- Flagstaff) has recently introduced House Bill 2260 in the Arizona Legislature. This bill would amend the requirements to register to vote in Arizona, adding a clause that reads, “Notwithstanding any other law, a dormitory address or other temporary college or university address may not be used for determining residency for voter registration purposes and is deemed to be evidence of a temporary address with intent to return to some other permanent address.” Simply, this means that students living at the dorm universities could not use that address to register to vote.

Under current law, students who intend to be temporary residents are already ineligible to vote. What HB 2260 would do instead is say that all college students living on campus are automatically temporary residence, and so ineligible to vote. However, this may not universally be the case. Many students at universities are local students, who move from their parent’s houses into the dorms. These are otherwise permanent students who participate and are part of their community. There are also students who attend college for a number of years, and spend at least nine months of every year living in that community.

There will be arguments and discussions of this legislation in the coming weeks and months. Bob Thorpe’s bill HB 2260 is currently under review by the Arizona Legislature. If you live in Flagstaff, please call Bob Thorpe’s office at (602) 926-5219.

Please call your local officials to let them know what you think.