HB2404: This bill would prevent paid signature gatherers from working for initiative or referendum groups. PASSED! Signed by Gov Ducey 3-23-17


Under the current law, groups that work in support of initiatives or referendums are allowed to pay people to collect signatures for them. For many initiatives, this is crucial for that issue to show up on the ballot. Many signatures are required for an initiative to make it on the ballot, so paying people to collect signatures for a cause is an important tool. This law would take away those rules, and ban people from collecting signatures if they get paid to do so.

This bill is designed to make it harder for initiatives to show up on the ballot. Without an easy way to get signatures, this will make it harder for groups to put initiatives on the ballot. This bill is currently waiting a vote on the State House floor.

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to let them know what you think about HB2404.