HCR2002 and HCR2007: This would remove the provision that the legislature can only amend or repeal any initiative with a minimum of 3/4ths vote. BOTH OF THESE TERRIBLE BILLS PASSED IN THE HOUSE AND SENATE! THEY NOW AWAIT SIGNATURE BY GOV DUCEY. FYI: The citizens of AZ called into the Request to Speak system and overwhelmingly opposed both of these measures to no avail. HCR 2007 The RTS system showed over 500 people opposed and only 7 supported it. ( members of:The East Valley Chamber of Commerce Alliance, the AZ Free Enterprise Club, AZ Citizens Defense League Inc all supported) Even with significant opposition, the AZ House and Senate passed it anyway.


Since the inception of our state, Arizona citizens have had the right to organize statewide initiatives, or referendums, that give us the ability to create law. These initiatives are presented on the ballot for voters to pass or deny. This allows the citizenry to bypass the usual legislative process, and offer another democratic way to create laws.

The legislature has for a long time had certain powers over initiatives that have been passed by the voters. Currently, the legislature can amend, repeal, or change funding for an initiative with a ¾ vote in both chambers. Requiring a ¾ vote creates a high barrier to change legislation voted on by the majority of the people. However, HCR 2002 bill would repeal this clause, so that initiatives could be changed or repealed with a simple majority, as is the case with other laws.

This bill seems to be a response, by the legislature, to initiatives passed in recent years which don’t align with the legislature’s ideology. This includes the recently passed Prop 206, which raises the minimum wage to $10 an hour, which the legislative majority has voiced opposition to in court. If HCR2002 were to pass, it would make it easier for them to repeal the initiative in the legislature, something they do not have the votes to do with a ¾ vote requirement.

HCR2007 is basically the same as HCR2002. However, this bill would put the proposed language of HCR2002 on the ballot. This means that instead of passing through the legislature, the same limits that HCR2002 would place on the initiative process would be put to a vote by the general voting public. These two bill are meant to work in tandem to enact the same law.
Both HCR2002 and HCR2007 have recently passed the house and is on the way to the State Senate for a vote.

We urge our members to call Legislators in the State Senate to voice their opinion.