National Anthem - Polictical ToxicityNational Anthem – Polictical ToxicityAhhh (positive gasp) social media is such a wonderful thing. You get to share your experiences with the many friends whom you love, you also get to share your opinions on there too!. Oooh yeah, in this politically toxic environment there isn’t anything fueling it more than social media.

Just recently I came upon a facebook post shared by my friend. (The post is in the photo below.) It is a picture of a Muslim woman with her child not standing for the National Anthem. The text with the picture says, “ National Anthem is playing and look who is not going to respect the country they live in.” Many of my Facebook friends disagreed with this post, and stated things like, “ I see nothing wrong here… if someone doesn’t want to stand, I understand in this era.” I’ve stated before, I consider myself a liberal & moderate Democrat. I guess you can add that I am a ‘God Bless America’ singing liberal. I love this country. This country’s values and foundations are the very reason why I am allowed to write this paragraph for you to read.

Not standing for the national anthem? To me this is a matter of respect, I believe we all should stand. It shouldn’t matter whether someone agrees with the current administration or not, we stand for the very values that allow us to live and be free in the United States, and for the people who continuously fight to make sure it stays that way.

But, please keep in mind, we have no idea why she wasn’t standing. To judge the reasons for this based on a single snapshot is ludicrous.

Here’s the other issue, if this woman were perhaps White, I can guarantee you that she wouldn’t be hammered with as much hate as she is getting on social media. Some of the comments on this post ranged from, “POS, Deport them, Nuke ‘em.” This hate and this action was fueled by not just social media, but from media all around.

Social media a wonderful thing? Maybe when sharing a photo of a beautiful Arizona sunset!