This morning Betsy DeVos testified before the Senate Education Committee about the budget she and Trump are promoting. It’s awful. Will you call your reps today and urge them to Vote NO on the proposed Trump and DeVos education budget?
Their budget cuts $10.6 billion from public school funding and eliminates numerous programs that support students and schools. Just a few of the programs on the chopping block are the class size reduction program that employs 40,000 teachers, teacher training and after school programs. These are the very programs that help children and our communities to succeed. The Trump/DeVos budget has been described as cruel, inhumane and heartless. Trump and DeVos want to siphon off millions of dollars from public schools and funnel $400 million into vouchers for private, religious and for-profit schools. Betsy DeVos said these cuts would allow states to be creative and do the programs they want. West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin responded, “We don’t have the money.”
Call your Representative and Senators and tell them to Stand with Arizona and say no to vouchers and the Trump-DeVos Education Budget. 85% of Arizona students attend public schools-invest the money where the students are! Trump and DeVos want to cut billions from our public schools and divert money to vouchers. This budget hurts children and damages our public schools.

TAKE 2 minutes and call.

 If you don’t know who your representative is,
call 202-224-3121-enter your zip-code
and you will be connected to your Senator or Representatives Washington D.C. office.

Let’s bombard them with calls.

Thanks for making the calls and for everything you do to strengthen public education

Robin Hiller

Voices for Education