Several tax bills will be heard
in the Senate Finance committee
Wed. 1/24 at 9 a.m.

  • SB1049 Will exempt hearing aid batteries (Farnsworth, D, Rep, LD 16) and
  • SB1167 will allow veterans to exempt up to $10,000 (instead of $2,500) for pension and benefits (Griffin, R, 14)
  • SB1091 will allow income tax payments to be made in bitcoin. Really! It also instructs the Department of Revenue to convert the bitcoin payments to regular U.S. dollars within 24
    hours and to credit the person’s account with that amount. (Petersen, R, 12)
  • SB1145 requires that AZ Adjusted Gross Income include virtual currency (Petersen R, 12).

Also, on the House Ways and Means committee agenda for 1/24 (Wednesday) is a bill to exempt from the sales tax the sale of diapers, baby formula, feminine hygiene products, including adult diapers. HB2217 l was introduced by Rep. Hernandez (D, LD 2).