Recently we saw one of the worst terrorist attacks since 9/11/01. One hundred twenty seven lives were lost and God bless their souls. We ought to remember these terrorists were radical Islamists. So before you discriminate against the Muslim religion, think about the fact that those Islamic extremists are the people who want to promote violence and death against many religions and America; it is not all Muslims.

Think of the fight against discrimination we as Americans have had to face. Don’t repeat history, make history! Stand up for someone who is being discriminated against because of their race or religion. After all, the 1st amendment of the U.S Constitution allows anyone in the United States of America to practice any religion they want and to speak their mind. Don’t repeat the attacks on Paris or make this long fight against discrimination continue.

We as Mexicans, we as Americans, must not let this happen to a minority in our society because when minorities work together, we are then a majority!

That majority can stop the hate, that majority can educate!

#StandWithParis #StopTheHateEducate