VOTING: The official choice that you make in an election, meeting, etc., by casting a ballot, raising your hand, speaking your choice aloud, choosing what you purchase and many more situations.





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Voting FAQ's

In order to register to vote, you must:

  • Be a US citizen
  • Be a resident of Arizona by Oct 10
  • Be 18 years by Election Day, Nov 8. So, you can register to vote by 10-10-16, if you are 17 years old, as long as you turn 18 by Nov 8th
  • Not have been convicted of treason or a felony (unless your civil rights have been restored)
  • Not been legally declared an incapacitated person by a court

To register by mail; use this form:

To register to vote online you'll need an Arizona driver’s license or non-driver's ID card. Once complete, print your confirmation for your records.

If you have an Arizona driver license or non-operating identification card issued after October 1, 1996 you will need only to provide the license number on box 9 of the voter registration form. If you do not have an Arizona license you may include a photocopy of one of the following documents:

  • A legible photocopy of a birth certificate that verifies citizenship and supporting legal documentation (i.e. marriage certificate) if the name on the birth certificate is not the same as your current legal name
  • A legible photocopy of the pertinent pages of your passport
  • Presentation to the County Recorder of U.S. naturalization documents or fill in your Alien Registration Number in box 11
  • Your Indian Census Number, Bureau of Indian Affairs Card Number, Tribal Treaty Card Number, or Tribal Enrollment Number in box 10
  • A legible photocopy of your Tribal Certificate of Indian Blood or Tribal or Bureau of Indian Affairs Affidavit of Birth

In the last election several candidates won by less than 200 votes!

So, YES your vote counts!

Polling locations change, so always double check prior to election.

You may be out of town during an election. You can request an early ballot to be mailed to you. AZ Secretary of State’s office has a list of all counties in AZ. Scroll to your county. Click on your County Recorder’s website. Since all sites are different, look for Election info & Click on Early Voting Ballot request. You will also find the early voting locations here, which are typically different locations than your usual polling place. If you don’t find it easily, call your recorder’s office. County Recorder’s offices in AZ

As soon as possible! This way there is no chance that you will forget or that your ballot will get lost. If your ballot does get lost, you may request a provisional ballot at your polling location or if you have enough time, call your County recorder.

Your ballot will come with 2 envelopes. Read the instructions sent with the ballot. Mark your ballot by filling in the circle next to your vote selection(s) with black or blue ink. Fill in the circle completely. In some categories like your state legislator, you may get to vote for 2 people. Read the ballot carefully. It will tell you to vote for 1,2 or more in each category. For President, you will only choose one candidate. Place the ballot into the white envelope. SIGN & DATE THE WHITE ENVELOPE! Place the white envelope inside the yellow envelope. Secure it and mail it in. No postage is necessary if mailed within the United States.

The Recorder’s website will have information on how to become a permanent early voter. It will be listed under Voter Information. You can also do this online by logging into Service Arizona.

Once you are on the PEVL, your ballot will be mailed to you. This is certainly the easiest way to vote.

The best way is to check with your County Recorder’s office

You can also check to on the Secretary of State’s office

You can drop it off at your polling location on election day.