Arizona Public Square believes that we, as Americans, have a fundamental right to vote. We believe that the practice of voting should be structured so that it is as easy, accessible, and transparent. Equal opportunity to vote regardless of where you live is imperative. We stand against laws which needlessly disenfranchise voters while doing nothing to advance the cause of free and fair elections.

HB2404-Prevents paid signature gatherers from working for initiative or referendum groups

Summary: HB2404: This bill would prevent paid signature gatherers from working for initiative or referendum groups. PASSED! Signed by Gov Ducey 3-23-17 Explanation: Under the current law, groups that work in support of initiatives or referendums are allowed to pay people to collect signatures for them. For many initiatives, this is crucial for that issue […]


HB2260-College students not allowed to register to vote using dormitory address

Summary: HB2260: College students would not be allowed to register to vote using their dormitory address. This bill died. Thankfully. Explanation: Explanation: Bob Thorpe (R- Flagstaff) has recently introduced House Bill 2260 in the Arizona Legislature. This bill would amend the requirements to register to vote in Arizona, adding a clause that reads, “Notwithstanding any […]


HCR2002 and HCR2007 – Repeals 1998 Proposition 105

Summary: HCR2002 and HCR2007: This would remove the provision that the legislature can only amend or repeal any initiative with a minimum of 3/4ths vote. BOTH OF THESE TERRIBLE BILLS PASSED IN THE HOUSE AND SENATE! THEY NOW AWAIT SIGNATURE BY GOV DUCEY. FYI: The citizens of AZ called into the Request to Speak system […]


SB1142-(failed) Trying again! – Adds rioting to list of offenses that can be pursued under racketeering statutes!

Summary: SB 1142: Expands the definition of racketeering to include planning to protest When this post was updated, SB 1142 failed. The information below is still relevant and gives you a good overview of this bill they are trying to resurrect. According to this AZ Daily Star report, thanks to the public getting “all riled […]


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Original article by Gabe Acosta Hello Arizona Public Square Subscribers, In the news recently there has been a lot of talk about the Pence-Kobach commission into voter fraud. We wanted to break down what the recent requests for information mean, and let


RESULTS: Special Election – Proposition 101

Photo Courtesy of Arizona Daily Star Update: This special election was held on May 16th and City of Tucson voters approved this measure. There are approximately 255,000 registered voters within the city limits. Approximately 44,000 voted YES and 28,000 vo