We the People

The Citizen and the Constitution Program promotes civic competence and responsibility among the nation’s upper elementary and secondary students. Through participating in a mock congressional hearing, students across the nation master civics curricula pertaining to American history, Civics Landmark Supreme Court cases and the ability to make connections to modern day events.

AUDIO Purpose of the We the People Program – Charles Quigley Executive Director and creator of the We the People curriculum
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A Salute to “WE THE PEOPLE”

My name is Alyssa Marmion.  I am a 7th grader at Challenger Middle School.  This is my first year in the ‘We The People’ Program and so far it is a great experience.  I am in Unit 6 and Unit 6 is all about the rights and responsibilities of citizens.  I have only been in this program for about a year and have learned so much especially I’ve learned about the consequences when citizens do not participate in government. In the We The People program there are 3 competitions.  The Region 3 Showcase and Competition in Tucson AZ, which was held at Challenger Middle School.  The Phoenix competition was held at Grand Canyon University , and the Washington D.C National Invitational that will be held at George Mason University. The competition lasts  10 minutes for each Unit and there are 6 Units for each school.  Once the judges walk in everyone stands up out of respect and when the judges are seated the teams sit down.  First, the judges ask the main question. Next, the members of the Unit read their opening statements which they have four minutes to read. After that the judges ask questions about their opening statements and the members have six minutes to answer.  At the end the judges give critiques.

This program is shaping my life because when I grow up I will know how to be a really good citizen because I know it is important to be informed. I will participate in my democracy, my government. This will also help me for my career in the future, because when I grow up I am going to be a lawyer. I want to be a good lawyer and having a better understanding of the Constitution improves my abilities.

At Challenger Middle School, Sunnyside School District, we are trying to raise money to send 25 kids to the National Invitational on April 29th-May 3rd.

We the People

If you are interested in adopting the We the People curriculum at your school contact:
Norma Jean Higuera Trask
We the People Technical Assistance Coordinator for Southern Arizona
Email: normahi@susd12.org